Swedish pop producer Tannergard drops his debut single DNCE today!

Heading up the next gen of Swedish talent, songwriter and producer Tannergard is on the rise to new dance-pop heights. Hailing from Malmö, Tannergard’s musical prowess has already earned him credits on the #1 album from BTS (the only pop album of 2020 to go RIAA platinum) and DJ slots at coveted dance festivals like We Are FSTVL. So if you’re ready to get swept up into the next wave of Swedish pop, Tannergard’s euphoric new single “DNCE” is the best place to start.

Capturing the euphoria of living in the moment, “DNCE” glosses through the motions of being carefree and dazzles with its sleek beats. Underscored with a rising bass line, the single’s transcendent qualities ease you into its heady beats and punchy sonics. Featuring a female vocalist, the single hits stratospheric heights with the vibrant and lush vocals, urging you to let loose and succumb to the world of Tannergard.

Listen here: https://sparta.ffm.to/tannergard

“I’ve put my heart and experiences into this record so DNCE is a very personal song for me. Most of us have gone through some type of heartbreak, and trying to get over that can be tough. Sometimes, you have to make a decision to keep growing instead,” explains Tannergard.

“The idea came to me one evening and I stayed up all night working on the initial idea. I showed it to Carys in the studio and she got what I was going for straight away. We worked really hard on it and finished the song that same night, final vocals and everything!  I’ve always loved big choruses that are uplifting and emotional and I always strive to make music that makes you feel something. I wanted to give people that soundtrack to get over their heartbreak.”

Despite “DNCE” being his debut solo release, Tannergard’s ingenuity already prevails. With writing and producing credits with the likes of Martin JensenMolowNow United and LVNDSCAPE already in his catalogue, stepping out into the spotlight now seems like the perfect time for this pop newcomer. From kicking off wild parties at 16, to showcasing his work at gigs in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam, Tannergard’s move to London has since seen him in residency at a number of clubs across the capital. Injecting his presence into the festival calendar also, his sets at ADE (Amsterdam) and We Are FSTVL have begun to solidify his status as one of dance-pop’s up and coming frontrunners and are getting him noticed by all the right people.

With his incredible trajectory already soaring, Tannergard is about to become your new favourite Swedish producer. With an array of new music in the pipeline, including some very exciting collaborations, it’s time to put Tannergard on your radar before he’s headlining festivals and getting those well-deserved #1 singles.

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