Swedish Indie Pop Two Year Vacation releases new single and announces album

One week before the official album release of their second album Laundry Day Swedish indiepop quintet Two Year Vacation drops the last piece of the puzzle – Moving On From Yesterday.
With a title fitting to the longing of putting the struggling times we’re all in this year behind us, Moving On From Yesterday is a hymn to the life on the road, telling the story about  moving from city to city aiming for the goal of all touring artists. Though not everyday is perfect it’s ok, it’s alright to be struggling and to be longing for better days. With an rhythmic underlining pulse the track is crystallized with the characteristic synth adds and vocals that is typical Two Year Vacation.
Moving On From Yesterday is released today, October 23rd, and is the last bit before
the album Laundry Day arrives on October 30th.
The single comes with a claymotion animated video intertwining the song with the concept behind the albm Laundry Day.
Listen to the new single Moving On From Yesterday HERE
Look at the video HERE
Two Year Vacation, the band that originates from contrast, was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness. Making rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop with musical influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Peter Björn & John, Two Year Vacation is all about driving out all stale sense of the mundane.
Even though the name implies the opposite, Two Year Vacation doesn’t take vacations. Hence 2020 has so far already seen the release of the singles “Don’t Know Anybody Else” and “Never Been To Paris”, as well as the four track EP “Bedroom Rock” and the announcement of their second album with the single “Getaway” and “Django”.
Massively supported by both radio DJs and playlist editors Two Year Vacations have been hailed by editorials dubbing the band a “shot of indie sugar” (Bands of Tomorrow), calling them “a direct path from the auricle to the dancing leg” (Tonspin) and labeling their “positive impact (…) enormous” (Kraschfink). The band’s also been called “Swedens own Vampire Weekend” (Hymn) as well as “one of the best bands to originate from Sweden since ABBA” (Concrete Online).
“On laundry days you’re all out of clothes, have to pause everything you want to do and confront reality. For us there’s a duality in this moment as it’s when you’re far from your dreams, they touch you the most. This thinking have inspired us a lot while we’ve been writing the album Laundry Day.
The further you are away from your dreams, the stronger you long for them. That’s Laundry Day for us, and we’re just exploding for you all to hear it soon” – Two Year Vacation