Swedish artist Yarlie new track Wreck is out now!

Swedish artist Yarlie creates pop music you can feel. Filling her rich soundscapes with shimmering synth patterns and pounding 808s, her debut release “Wreck” is a candid evaluation of romantic relationships.

Transporting you to the cavernous dancefloor, strobe lights pulsate and glitter in the dark – casting shadows over the late night revellers. A lyrical landscape shifting between heartbreak and dizzying euphoria, Yarlie’s music is a delicate balancing act – crafting pop songs you can cry dance to.

Photo Credit: Victor Celis, Sofia Ådén, Anna Björkegren

“You know those promises you give yourself? ‘I’m not gonna call’, ‘This time I mean it’, ‘Never again’ – those promises? ‘Wreck’ is a song about those promises, and the inability to keep them at 2 in the morning”, she explains.

Splitting her time between Stockholm’s vibrant city centre and the north of Sweden, Yarlie is inspired by dark club rooms and icy cold mornings. A self taught pianist, Yarlie grew to love electronic soundscapes and is now a full grown synth enthusiast – a skill she has continued to refine and perfect.

Wreck” is a confident display of Yarlie’s adroit musical talent.

Wreck” is set for release February 19th, with the video to follow March 5th.