Sweden’s Sweet Teeth launch debut mini-album “Acid Rain”

Sweden’s Sweet Teeth launch their debut mini-album “Acid Rain” on Lövely Records. The Swedish alternative rock band also shares a music video for the 48 second long, explosive album opener “Shattered Glass Face”.

“Acid Rain” offers 7 tracks of bittersweet and straight-forward alternative rock, performed with heartwarming nostalgia and honesty. With members from a wide variety of prominent Swedish acts such as Disfear, Year of the Goat, and Dollhouse, Sweet Teeth possesses a musical certainty that is hard to deny. Blending the best sounds of the guitar-fueled ’90s with bulletproof songwriting into a collection of short, entertaining, and highly intense tracks.

Sweet Teeth’s debut is out now on all streaming platforms. The mini-album is also released as a one-sided 12″ vinyl.

Stream “Acid Rain” here: [https://orcd.co/acidrain(https://orcd.co/acidrain).

Watch the “Shattered Glass Face” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgzd10JkWgA.

Pre-order “Acid Rain” on vinyl: https://sweetteeth1.bandcamp.com.