SuperEpic: The Entertainment War (PS4) Review

SuperEpic The Entertainment War is one fun side scroller game where you must fight the corporate pigs. You are LLama riding Raccoon hell-bent on stopping a huge gaming company from addicting people to their cheap games. A task you face with some help from other vendors who sell you power-ups in-game.

It is a super fun game that came me a Castlevania vibe in the gameplay as well in the maps. I got into the game quickly and the controls were super easy. It is a nonstop rush of enemies to fight and gain in-game money to buy new items and well levelups. The use of in-game mini-games you must play to gain codes is a unique way of doing things. Fun game overall I give it a solid 7out of 10.

The in-game mini games that you must scan the QR code to me was a double edge sword. A cool way of doing things but annoying in a way also. That was my only small dislike in an overall fun game to play. Be sure to check it out on PS4 and Steam.