Super Smack & Mega Ran Collaborate To Make A Change in New Single “Black X Gold”

Phoenix, Arizona eclectic rap artist Super Smack, is a Filipino-American hip-hop artist who describes himself as the Nintendo switch of rappers. He has made strides since he started writing his original music in 2018. Since moving to NYC, Super Smack has graced legendary venues and events including SXSW and toured on a 16 city tour titled “Crazy Switch Asians” along with emerging artist LEX The Lexicon Artist. He has received reviews by Broadway World and Gizmondo and has over 100,000 streams across platforms.

Philadelphia artist Mega Ran is a well-respected artist with a message who currently lives in Arizona. He has landed sync-placements on Mortal Kombat 11 Soundtrack, Portlandia series, and Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He has found a niche by falling into the nerdcore rap community and holds the Guinness World Record for most commercially available video game songs.

These two powerhouse artists Super Smack and Mega Ran have united for the release of their new tune “Black X Gold” which discusses both #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate movements and focuses on uplifting and unifying both communities during this important time in history. The song will be available on all major streaming outlets on August 4. Click here to listen

Smack quotes:

“We realized that even though it was great the hashtags were trending, we thought that the discourse out there was missing something important. It seemed hard for people to talk about how these struggles and movements overlap and intertwine– nobody seemed ready to talk about the real tensions that exist between Black and Asian communities. As artists from these communities, and as friends, we think it’s really important to talk about this– it’s a real step towards solidarity. We wanted to do it in an uplifting and joyful way. We took that as our personal challenge, to make a song with a message that mattered, but to make it an uplifting bop. We wanted to get people to stand together and dance together. That’s BXG.”