Capturing what can only be known as “the descent” in the band’s name “Sunfall”, the quartet have created a deadly machine that presents itself as a storm of music. Traversing the multi-dimensional world of art and vibrations, Sunfall’s music takes many forms and embraces the full potential of futuristic genre blending and fluidity. The true wonder of Sunfall comes from the unpredictable animalistic nature of their music. 
As an unrelenting Nu-Core band from the UK, Sunfall recently released ‘Industrial’ across DSP’s on October 1st. The band’s previous singles ‘Harakiri’ and ‘Quiet Kid’ saw the band receive high praise and approval from the world-renowned YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal, as well as coverage with Rock Sound, KnotFest, and more. The band have also gone to gather the attention of playlist curators at Spotify, Sumerian Records, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora and Tidal. Sunfall have shared stages with a wealth of bands, including the likes of Monuments, The Royal, Hacktivist, Martyr Defiled, Bound in Fear and Distant, amongst many more. 
The band now release their highly anticipated music video for ‘Industrial’ via Slam Worldwide and Metal Injection on the 6th October 2021. 
Guitarist Oli explains, “Industrial… A dark, underground track that airs a rejection to absolute abuse of power. And in our crushing under the iron fist of the powerful and lies from across the political spectrum, we turn on each other, the people we need the most. Money is power and power corrupts. We are all industrial, a part of the machine and industry that life has become over endless decades. Industrial shows another facet of the machine that is Sunfall’s music. Taking inspiration from Mick Gordon and combining aspects of many genres from Drum n Bass, Rave and Nu-Metal to Groove Metal, Deathcore and Beatdown, Industrial provides a multi-pronged assault on the psyche, leaving many speechless. The audio is also accompanied with a video that captures the dark underworld reality that the lyrics portray. A world ravaged by greed, lack of intelligent direction and blind devotion.”