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Sundae Gaming Retrospect!

Hello Gamers and welcome to another Sunday gaming retrospective! Continuing the limited series where I revisit a retro title, I decided to play and review Streets of Rage this week for this sweet action-packed sundae!

About Streets of Rage: What was once a happy, peaceful, productive city, has fallen into the hands of a secret criminal syndicate. Looting, random violence, and destruction are rampant. Nobody is safe. Despite repeated refusals by their superiors, three young police officers were determined to tackle the problem head-on. Eventually, they created a special attack unit the only way they could – they quit the force. Take control of one of the three ex-officers (Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, & Adam Hunter) and make the city a place where people no longer have to walk the Streets of Rage™!

Players: 2 player Co-op

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Beat Em’ Up

Available on: Steam, IOS, Android,&  Xbox




 Some Fun Easter Eggs, cheats & Facts

  • If you are thrown press up+jump to land on your feet.
  • To fight your partner in a two-player game, make your way to the final level. When the boss asks if you want to be his right-hand man, have player one say NO and player two say YES.
  • When you start the game, don’t select two player mode. Instead, when the first player drops from the sky, have player two press start. Now there will only be one boss
  • When you complete a stage, and before the points start totaling up. Press: START and you will gain an extra life.
  • Press L, L, B, B, B, C, C, C, Start at the title screen.
  • At the boss on the last level have one person answer NO to his question and the other answer YES. You will then fight and the person who said no must win. Then he asks again and you answer NO. After you kill him you have the bad ending.
  • On level 3, after defeating the boss, use your special weapon before he hits the ground. You will get a bonus of 5,000 points! Be sure to save your weapon until you defeat him
  • At the title screen, move the cursor to OPTIONS but don’t select it. Hold A + B + C + RIGHT on Controller Two and press START on Controller One. Now enter the OPTIONS screen and look for two new options, “Players” and “Level Select”.
  • At the title screen, hold A + B on Controller Two and press START on Controller One. You can now choose EASIEST and MANIA difficulties.


My Overall Thoughts & Review

Another Great Beat em’ up game I chose this week from that same fighting genre is Streets of Rage. Streets of rage is a great co-op title where you play as 3 ex-officers Blaze, Axle, & Adam who are trying to bring peace back to their streets. Adam is a boxer and the strongest of the group but also the slowest, Axel is the most balanced in the middle of speed & strength, & Blaze is the weakest but fastest. With a total of 8 stages, each one pulls you in with its music and vibrant setting for the time it came out, like the first level for instance with its neon signs and music grabs you into that atmosphere. Each stage takes you somewhere different around the city which is nice for a change of setting which also comes with a cool new beat of music with each scenario setting. From the city street to a bridge, and aboard a ship the environments to kick butt in Streets of Rage are pretty epic. Oh! by the way, did I mention there are items and consumables you can pick up and use such as an apple, & beef which is health consumables and knives, lead pipe, & a pepper shaker can be used to fight enemies and bosses! The bosses in this game can be pretty tough so try not to take to much damage through the level and each has its own fighting combat style from a guy who rushes you constantly with a knife to a wrestler who will slam you, these are just a couple of the bosses. Overall Streets of Rage is a really good game from screens packed with 5 enemies to calling in the cops to bazooka them all down or a boss, this game made an awesome impact for the beginning of what is now a series! So get a copy and clean up those Streets of rage!!

If you are already a fan of the series or just looking for a good spot to jump in be on the lookout for the upcoming Streets of Rage 4 which will be available for Pc, Xbox, Playstation, & Nintendo

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As always Game Together & Play Forever!