Summoners War Tour of Americas Event

With the glitz and glam of New York City, this fan meet up was amazing for all involved with Summoners War. My team and I were invited to check out the event and as fans of Summoners War; we were geeking out. Here is a brief recap on what we did at the New York meetup with Summoners War:


We waited in the line to at the venue and while we waited we talked with a lot of people attending the event. Everyone was excited and were wondering how well it will go. Once the time hit, we all went inside and were marveling at all what we saw. We were greeted with an amazing prize display at the end of the stage. We actually sat in the table next to this marvelous display. Everyone got a ticket and they winners were given a prize from the stage. Of course, everyone was competing on the Summoners War game and winners would get prizes as well.

We were hungry from trek from NYCC downtown New York and the smell of food from this place just got us all giddy. We were able to get some good food from Hard Rock Cafe New York and I have no words for it. The food was just amazing and hit the spot! I enjoyed the choices they had for the fans to get something to eat while playing the game. I tried everything but the hit for me was the Pokemon cake. My team and I loved it!

Every person attending the event, got to take home a pretty sweet swag bag. Inside the swag bag was an awesome T-shirt, stickers, freebies and more! I was glad they had big boy sizes for shirts as I’m a little big around the waist. As a fan, getting something back from a company that hosts Summoners War is just amazing. We were truly excited to see this items and be sure to wear our shirts everywhere showing everyone Summoners War love.


All in all, fans were treated awesome at this event! We are glad the team at Summoners War had an audience and were in tune with their fans. I talked to a few people and they were astonished on everything provided and done by Summoners War. We are going to look for more events such as this soon! If you want more information check out this link: