Summertime Madness FULL GAME Review

I have to say after being able to play through the whole game, I am thoroughly impressed! Everything about this game was absolutely amazing and such an adventure. Playing the only gave you the tip of the game and as you progress you are able to see how much hard work and dedication was put into this game and its puzzle solving. The beauty behind this game is just astonishing and it you are an individual that does love artistic style games than this is for you.  

Summertime Madness puzzle solving is where the game really thrives. There were some parts where you think everything is going to well and then it just stumps you. I was able to playthrough the game without having to use the HINT feature that DPGames created to help you progress if you get stuck. The many modes that it gives you after the game is created is so challenging. Basic gameplay gives you a total of 6hrs to complete the game but the most challenging mode is for you to be able to complete the game in 1 hr. Let’s get into the Pros and Cons:  


  • Artistic Style of Graphic’s 
  • Story progression 
  • Unique Puzzle Solving 
  • Music 
  • Easter Eggs 


  • Minor Glitches 
  • Lack of Dialog 
  • Lack of Connection for Main Character 

Rating: I would definitely without hesitation give Summertime Madness “8” out of 10.  

This whole experience of this game has been fantastic. Even though there are times where I felt like giving up, it felt so rewarding to be able to complete this game. I 100% would recommend Summertime Madness to anyone who is looking for a good puzzle solver this year. I want to congratulate DPGames on such an accomplishment and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. 


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