Stunlock Studios’ upcoming Vampire Survival Game explores bleeding-edge visuals and dark atmosphere

New concept art and vampire design details revealed in Interview with Art Director Johan Wahlbäck

Skövde, Sweden – 23rd June, 2021 – Stunlock Studios today have published a Dev Update interview with Art Director Johan Wahlbäck for their open-world vampire survival game, V Rising, coming to PC on Steam with the Beta planned later this year. While the Beta version is coming soon, excited fans have wasted no time sending in questions to gain greater insight into the dark and wonderful world of V Rising. This Dev Update is full of information regarding the atmosphere of the game, the design of characters, the gothic themes across the game’s architecture and the violent contrast between humanity and the bloodthirsty vampires. The art director warns that bloodshed is a key part of the vampire’s visuals, but it is contrasted with their darkness and beauty.

V Rising subverts expectations of the survival genre by making the player the evil monster that threatens the local human population. Your goal as the vampire is to harvest the humans and satisfy your hunger, but even as the predator, you will have your own obstacles to face in order to survive. Art Director Johan explains the flow of gameplay and how it interacts with  character design:

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and in V Rising, you become the ultimate terror. We want you to feel powerful, but we also want to turn the tables from time to time to amplify the survival aspect of the game. The humans arm up for war, and your first encounter with a vampire hunter might end up with you doing your best to flee. Suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted. When we designed the vampire, we had a couple of key points to achieve.” 

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More on V Rising
V Rising is an open-world vampire survival game. Awaken as a weakened vampire from centuries of slumber and survive a world full of peril. As a vampire, you need to hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength and quench your thirst. Build and customize your castle, invite friends to join your clan, and convert humans to servants to grow your empire. Engage in real-time combat and compete for world domination with PvP and PvE challenges. Will you become the next Dracula?

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