Studio Aesthesia has partnered with The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild to bring melee twin-stick title, ‘Breakpoint,’ to Nintendo Switch and PC

SEATTLE, WA - May 4, 2020 - The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild announces collaboration with 
Studio Aesthesia to publish 'Breakpoint,' a stylized twin-stick arcade game, to Nintendo 
Switch and PC. Defeat waves of enemies with melee weapons that EXPLODE after reaching their 
breaking point, dealing devastating damage across the blast zone.

The team at Studio Asethesia says, "We really wanted to capture the purity of retro arcade 
games, but mixed in with a few modern sensibilities. The melee weapons force you to weave 
through enemies and get up close and personal, while the weapon explosion system allows you 
to turn a tense situation into a huge comeback, leading to some really exhilarating 

'Breakpoint' is inspired by early 2000s arcade titles like 'Geometry Wars,' where action 
and mayhem go hand in hand. Grab hold of a hammer, double-sided ax - even a katana! - 
and other weapons to conquer waves of enemies.

What makes 'Breakpoint' unique?

- Unlike traditional twin-stick titles, 'Breakpoint' uses melee combat
- Destroying enemies gains XP for the weapon, not the player
- Many layers of discovery, including evolution trees for each weapon
- Maxed out weapons become powerful AOE attack opportunities

Take your first swing in this unapologetically nostalgic title for Nintendo Switch and 
PC in 2020

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Press Contact Name: Cassie Hoglund
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

About Studio Aesthesia:
Studio Aesthesia is a small independent company comprised of two members: Edward Lu and 
Nick Amlag. The two met at a game development collaboration space hosted by the Seattle 
Indies and began working together shortly after. They've been raising a ruckus ever since.

About The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild:
The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild was founded in 2011 and received global critical 
acclaim for their early titles, 'The Bridge' and 'Tumblestone.' In 2019, the company 
broadened its focus to collaborating with indie developers publishing on PC and consoles. 
Given Quantum's experience as an indie dev, they strive never to offer deals they wouldn't 
accept themselves before becoming a publisher. The studio recently published 'Roundguard,' 
making it the fifth game in their library. You can look forward to award-winning games 
'Sail Forth,' and 'Deleveled' among the many games releasing from Quantum this year.