Stronghold: Warlords Team Asks Fans to Decide Which Unfortunate Animal Becomes Trebuchet Ammo

Stronghold: Warlords Team Asks Fans to Decide Which Unfortunate Animal Becomes Trebuchet Ammo

You herd right! Choose between a senile water buffalo, horse with a sore throat, recently deceased tiger, and large bactrian camel (who doesn’t know what ‘bactrian’ means either)

London, United Kingdom – May 29, 2020 — A new competition from Stronghold developer Firefly Studios asks fans to vote on one of four ill-fated animals to be used as the game’s fourth trebuchet ammo type. Voting through the official Stronghold Discord, players will be able to decide which of the four deceased creatures can be used to spread disease in enemy castles when Stronghold: Warlords launches later this year.

Sometimes high walls, food and clean water just aren’t enough to survive a siege. Throughout history many a Lord has foolishly turtled up, believing they have the supplies to outlast their enemy’s military resources and patience. That is of course until they hear the distant sound of a trebuchet loading up and firing a different type of ammunition. Is it a horse? Is it a water buffalo? Firefly Studios want you to decide!


Real medieval sieges could take months, with besiegers launching all manner of objects over enemy walls with the aim of spreading disease and panic. Firefly’s in-game spin on this siege strategy involves launching one of four departed animals over enemy walls and into their castle. Creating a temporary cloud of disease upon impact, the chosen animal type will affect the size and spread of disease within the enemy castle. Players will have to keep their soldiers and peasants well away from the affected area, with disease able to damage units and even shut down parts of their castle economy.


While the Stronghold series has always allowed for some manner of diseased, deceased animal to be flung at your enemies, until now they were limited to European and a few Middle Eastern creatures. With Stronghold: Warlords however the series has broadened its horizons to include water buffalo, a hoarse horse, former caged tigers, and the bactrian camels of Mongolia. Players can vote on their preferred animal ammo type by joining the official Stronghold Discord server and reacting to the trebuchet vote post in the #announcements channel.


Scheduled for release on Steam later this year, players can also find out more about Stronghold: Warlords by visiting the game’s official website:

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