Strong Animated Video by Pat Robitaille called Fearless Woman

Strong animated video by Pat Robitaille called Fearless Woman is out now! A women with no fear is someone that carries the world on her shoulders. Pat Robitaille has created a song to showcase and honor all fearless women in our world today. The music video is visually stunning and adds to the song Fearless Woman. The video is mixed with anime and 90’s music video art showcasing the story of that Fearless Woman. She goes on a journey which has experiences that are quite similar to Homer’s Odyssey. Pat Robitaille’s song Fearless Woman is for those strong women in our lives that endure so much yet conquer the world day by day.

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Initially written with Jay Merrow in my basement studio, we converted the session to a tape machine with Dean Drouillard who then added dreamy, psychedelic synths. Christine Stoesser developed the lyrics for the verses and tied the loose ends of this song together.


Jim Guthrie provided us with a string arrangement, which Owen PallettMike Olsen and JJ Ipsen brought to life through recording in their home studios. All of these different sessions were woven together to complete the song you hear today.


The personality of “Fearless Woman” is captured in its music video created by Boston-based animators Opertura. It focuses on a woman, Shino, who experiments with consuming different life forms, for better or worse. In the end these experiences become a part of her existence forever, yet she continues to fearlessly explore them. I see so many metaphors and undertones in this video about the fearlessness and oppression of women. It’s a beautiful ode to the strength and resilience of women and their journey.