Strings Theory will be on TGS2020

Physical “Theory of Strings” with a grain of salt.

Freaky, tricky logic game, with an abstract concept and touching heroes.



About Strings Theory

“String Theory – physical string theory describes the world as vibrating miniature energy strings in a 10-dimensional space.”

The same physical string theory is a pretext for us to create a logic game with a broadly expanded story in which we place great pressure on the individual character of the protagonists.

Each story has its hero .. we have three of them


Dumb bolster from a stringed province

He vibrates with an uncomplicated frequency without imaginativeness and manners, but what can be expected from the blue string. The only thing he deals with is the equivalence of sentences and bending the dimension.


Nasty smartie

Clever is his second name, but he is also very self-confident. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he is able to pass to the other side of the dimension? Sometimes he seems to be an ordinary, too-intelligent snob with a nose up.


Personality split

They do not know if they are one or if there are two of them. Most individuals of this species live according to the collective. The paired pink strings are quite rare and have a unique talent for detachment.