Streetlight Harmonies Review

Streetlight Harmonies from Brent Wilson is the untold story of the Doowop. A style of music that has gone untold and Streetlight Harmonies gives us an inside look. We all have heard the music and sing these amazing classic without even knowing the real story. A first-hand look from the iconic voices that sang these tunes.  We hear the first-hand stories from members of the iconic groups like the Belmonts and The Valentines to Franky Lymon and the Teenagers. In all tales of how history was made you have the highs and the tragic lows like the story of Franky Lymon. The huge influence these singers have to so many other styles of music from Motown to Rock in Roll to today’s Pop music.  We hear the first-hand stories from them singing under streetlights to touring as kids to playing the biggest stages.

A must-see for any lover of music to hear the tales from the lips of all these legends really brings to light how much they paved the way. When you hear these songs and realize these were written and recorded by them and not who you thought. Goes to show how much we didn’t know the whole story. Be sure to check this one out and enjoy the final song at the end  breathtaking finally to a wonderful film.