Streamline Media Group Joins the Digital Supply Chain Institute

The video game company brings the “ethos of a gamer” to collaborate on developing management tools for digital supply chain best practices
Las Vegas, USA – Thursday 10 December — Streamline Media Group has joined the Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI), becoming the first video game company to assist the non-profit research institute in the creation and practical application of supply chain management tools across all industries.  


DSCI, a program of the Center for Global Enterprise (CGE), works with top supply chain executives from companies around the world. The institute focuses on applied research and knowledge sharing on the key management areas of the digital supply chain, including demand, people, technology, and risk. 

“Streamline joining the DSCI is a logical partnership,” says Marko Kovacevic, Executive Director for Membership and Engagement, DSCI. “When you look at a video game company structure and how it functions, you can start correlating that with how other businesses operate. Applying not only video game technology, but the approach and ethos of a gamer to different areas of supply chain and business transformation is where we see the biggest potential and opportunity.” 

Video game technology has exploded outside of the entertainment space and is used by companies from all industries. Streamline’s 20-year experience developing video games for the most demanding customers places it in the unique position to collaborate with firms looking to accelerate their use of video game methodologies and technologies.  

“The future of commerce and business is the ability to leverage video game technology, processes, and creativity to enhance interactivity with brands and products,” Alexander Fernandez, CEO, Streamline Media Group says. “Joining the DSCI provides a platform to help global businesses understand and wield these exciting developments masterfully.”


Streamline has developed and supported enterprise applications since 2009, having first worked with Coca-Cola to produce the commercial tie-in with James Cameron’s Avatar for 20th Century Fox. The widespread incorporation of video game technology in film, television, media, advertising, and technology places Streamline in a unique position to collaborate with the world’s most exciting brands. 

“Streamline understands the experience for the gamer. If you can bring that gamer knowledge to create collaboration and teamwork to traditional business management that is extremely valuable,” says George Bailey, Executive Director & Chief Research Officer, DSCI. “This is the future.” 


To hear more about the DSCI and Streamline Media Group collaboration you can listen to their podcast discussing the importance of gaming culture and the future for traditional business;

About Streamline Media Group  

Streamline Media Group is a global entertainment and enterprise video game developer, services provider, and independent publisher present in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Working through its business divisions, Streamline Studios, All Pixels by Streamline, Streamline Games, Streamframe, and Day Zero by Streamline, Streamline Media Group offers full-circle development for original games, technology, and solutions the industry relies upon. For more information, please visit

About the Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI)

The Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) is a program of the non-profit Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) based in New York. DSCI helps companies research and rapidly transform their supply chains by utilizing the vision and tools of a Digital Supply Chain. We perform leading-edge applied research focused on the evolution of enterprise supply chains and the practical application of supply chain management best practices. DSCI engages in projects that apply knowledge gained through our innovative approach.