Stream Texas Community Meet-Up

This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend this year’s Stream Texas Meet Up in our hometown San Antonio. I was very happy to meet so many other streamers in town. Some of them even came from all over.

This year the meet up was at a local restaurant called Walk-Ons and was sponsored by Twitch and Newbelium/Voodoo Ranger and were generous to have a couple free drinks on the house from there IPA line. This all wouldn’t be possible without Elena Guerra (kiwisnstars) for getting the community together and hosting the event. We also want to thank those who helped set-up the event as well. They did amazing job.

If you do Intend to come to one of these meet ups, do not forget to bring business cards so people would be able to contact you or follow you on your platform. There were a handful of activites that were set-up. They had Super Smash Brothers, a photo area to take with your new friends, and Twitch Bingo. These activities really opened up a way of communication for everyone

As a whole this event was very well organized, I will say we would have enjoyed to have a more open area for us to be able to walk around inside but we still had a blast. If you ever get a chance to go to one of these events, you will have an amazing time and be able to make a whole lot of new friends, maybe even get a follow!

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