Stream Texas Austin Meet-Up

So it is that time for another annual Stream Texas Meet-Up and this year. This was a special event this time around because this marked there 4-year anniversary and were sponsored by Corsair, Xsplit, and Restream.  

The event was hosted at a  place called Valhalla Esports Lounge on 6th Street Austin, TX. This local business is a mixture between gaming venue and adult bar. They had all major platforms for gaming set-up. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even an area for PC Gamers to play their favorite games. When you arrived and checked in, they had mouse pads and sunglasses for everyone that attended  

So many people ended up showing up.  There were streamers, developers, sponsors, and so many more. It was hard to try and remember everyone’s name, I’m so glad they invented business cards. They even had a costume contest going on that night and a good handful of people came dressed up.  

The area where Valhalla was located was perfect just in case if you wanted to venture out to another establishment. It was very close to the middle of 6th street and the staff here were very helpful and attentive to their customers. It wasn’t long when we approached the bar when someone was already there to take care of our requests. As a small review on the drinks, let’s just say we had a great time and left feeling really good. I would recommend to order the Red Bull Slushy.  


They had plenty of giveaways towards the end of the night. T-shirts, Sweaters, and pillows. What made it even more special that Corsair was generous enough to provide Keyboards and Mice as additional giveaway items. 


We can honestly say that this event was the best one we had been to yet. The location, the venue, the sponsors involved were all satisfying. If Stream Texas were to have it here again next year, we would completely be satisfied with that. From Drop the Spotlight we want to thank you Stream Texas for making this happen and for all the volunteers that helped with getting this event to be so successful.  

All links will be down below if you want to check out the companies that made this happen. Also, for the volunteers their links will be below so you can show them some love and give them a follow.  


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