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Strawberry Ninja Review by Chrissy

This stealthy ninja has been causing some mischief in the garden and you have noticed things are vanishing, it’s up to you and your kitty to catch him. This sneaky strawberry was made by Chris Castagneetto at Strawberry Studios, a studio whose mission is to enrich the world of gaming with a line of smart, fun and easy to play microgames for families and friends. Strawberry Ninja is a 15 to 20-minute game for ages 8 and up that you can play alone or with the family.

Set up

You are given 20 strawberry Field cards, 1 Strawberry Ninja card, 4 Movement cards, 1 Turn Marker, 1 Turn Tracker, 1 Kitty, and of course the wonderful book of rules.

Step 1

Shuffle all your field cards together, then place 10 cards in one deck, and you can put the remaining field cards back in the box you won’t need them anymore. Once you have the 10 cards shuffle as you wish to, then go ahead and add in your Ninja card. I went ahead and shuffled my cards again a couple of times.

Step 2

Once you have your cards shuffled, use all cards from this deck and create a 4 x 3 grid with cards faced down leaving one space open. You can now place your kitty on top of any card.

Step 3

Now shuffle your movement cards place them in a deck face down and take your Turn Tracker one 1 on the Turn Marker.

How to play

This game plays in a slider puzzle game fashion (always moving your shifting card into the empty space), so you get 2 slides, on your second slide you flip your card over and reveal any gaming text.

Next, flip over a movement card and move your kitty in the direction stated on the card. Ignore that movement if kitty is forced off the grid. Then move the turn marker to indicate this is the next turn. When the player is on the 12th turn the kitty must pounce and reveal the card kitty is on but you can also pounce if you want if you think you know where that sneaky Strawberry Ninja is hiding. If you reveal this sweet red Ninja, he has been caught if you reveal any other card you have escaped your kitty’s furry paws.


The packaging of this game is so nice when I unwrapped it and I couldn’t stop touching it. The box is so soft and the size is perfect for traveling so you and your family can take it with you anywhere! The gameplay isn’t too complicated for anyone over the age of 8. What really sold me on this game and the reason I think I liked it so much was for the artwork done by Magda Markowska. It’s so unique and adorable, I right away had to go look this person up and that was it I fell in love. They have such amazing artwork and I would recommend you check it out for yourself! All in all, I thought this game was cute, simple, and enjoyable. I would recommend your family try out!

Created by: Strawberry Studio


As well as Golden Bell Studios




Artist : Magda Markowska