Stefanie Clark Harris Has New Single “Spirit Moves” out now!

Stefanie Clark Harris has a new single titled Spirit Moves which is out now! Stefanie’s lyrics in this song reminds me of an old school country song. The lyrics are talking about various situations where this would move your spirit. The words have multiple meanings to create multiple stories. I can dig that!  The music is chill and slow like an old school country song; I really enjoy the organ and guitar solo in the song. Stefanie’s voice leads the way throughout the song belting those lyrics in this old school country song.

listen here:

Press info:

Stefanie Clark takes a step into the spotlight, as she brings her debut solo track into the world. Known as the frontwoman for Stefanie Clark Harris and the Feverfew, she breathes a new life into her music this Fall.
Stefanie is the writer behind the band’s bittersweet songs, spinning a sound that’s part country twang, part hymnal….these elements come further into fruition on “Spirit Moves,” which shows a progressive side of the artist. On the track Stefanie holds onto her roots while steering her music into a bold new direction.
Born and bred in New Haven, Connecticut, Stefanie Clark Harris has music in her veins. “Spirit Moves,” is a twang-laced track that will have you enchanted with swirling instrumentation and Harris’ dreamy vocal work and lyricism.