Steam Next Fest Debuts New Demos for White Shadows, Industria, Escape from Naraka, Lost At Sea, and Gigapocalypse!

With Steam Next Fest starting today and running through June 22nd, PC gamers are invited to get a hands-on preview with several of Headup’s upcoming titles. This will be the first time most of these games have been playable to public!

Headup’s Steam Next lineup will include demos for the monochromatic dark fantasy puzzle platformer White Shadows; the alternate history FPS INDUSTRIA; the surreal explorative first-person mystery Lost at Sea; the Kaijū-based action game Gigapocalypse; and the first-person platformer Escape from Naraka.
For more information, here’s a breakdown of each title:

White Shadows

White Shadows is an impressionistic, monochromatic puzzle platformer set in a dark, strange, and violent world. Play as the young Ravengirl trying to escape the shadowy metropolis in search of the legendary Tin Town, where the last free people live.


Set in an alternate history East Berlin shortly before the end of the Cold War, INDUSTRIA is a surreal first-person shooter. On the evening of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a young woman plunges headlong into a parallel dimension to find her missing colleague who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Escape from Naraka

Featuring actual Balinese artifacts recreated with 3D scanning technology, Escape from Naraka is a first-person survival platformer inspired by Balinese mythology, and a parkour-based platformer unlike any other. Just by playing you’ll automatically join a competition to win valuable Chroma peripheral prizes from Razer being offered to the top player!

Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea is a surreal first-person adventure about reclaiming your memories on the open water. Explore an island, where every biome represents a phase of your life. Face your primeval fears and take stock of your life through imaginative puzzles and fantastical scenery.


Become a customizable giant monster in Gigapocalypse. Inspired by classical Kaijū affairs like GodzillaKing Kong, and Rampage, Gigapocalypse lets you control a giant Kaijū-inspired monster and destroy EVERYTHING in your way, all while listening to fist-pumping heavy metal music!

Enjoy these demos – and don’t forget to wishlist them if you’re interested in seeing more! Also, feel free to share your experience with us on Twitter and discuss the games on our Discord channel!