Stay Free Recordings Drops New Limited Edition Vinyl Release From Hip-Hop Puppet Collective The Boom Bap Kids

Born from the storm. The stay-at-home storm, that is. This super fun, interactive, original concept collaboration is what happened when a squad of diverse creatives, on lockdown was sparked by the shimmery, thread of an idea hatched by Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin, to make themselves puppets that vibe out to Golden Era Hip Hop and blend the cultural elements of fashion, music, dance, and art. The result was a show… no! a party, with live djs and a live audience that captures the infectious throwback fun of the 90’s.

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By the powers vested in them via quicksilver brainstorms and utilizing the speed of the fastest sewing machine needles possible, this small, passionate and dedicated squad of artists organically unified into place, creating a brand new entity on the pandemic-go-to public access web-tv platform, Twitch, immediately becoming Hip Hop luminary puppets who simultaneously party, breakdance and celebrate rap culture with their Gen X, Y, Z & Millenial crowd who are excited to share the 5 Elements of Hip Hop with their kids too, and revel in the music and puppetry of their childhood/youth.

“Exactly what needs to happen. The epitome of what we all grew up on, manifested for the next generation.” – Z Trip

Enthusiasm, passion and energy are poured into every stitch of every puppet, show, visual and every fresh-fitted, fully-themed endeavor. The Boom Bap Kids are now an entire cadre of textured friends who are simultaneously performers, hypemen AND partygoers. Alongside an ever-crowding list of celebrated and renowned live djs, the weekly mixshows are the perfect balance of authentic throwback & feel good fun.

“The coolest thing I’ve seen on stream is Boom Bap Kids. I f*ck with their shit. That’s the most unique thing I’ve seen on Twitch” – Lil’ Jon

It’s something you truly need to see, right down to their fully Star Wars themed commercial for their Halloween special. Fraggle Rock meets Run DMC with outfits that are tougher than leather. The dedication around authenticity of the show and the craftsmanship in all the details translate perfectly and have quickly attracted tens of thousands of dedicated followers on the web.

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While they have an entire full-blown production studio in So Cal, they’ve already begun plans to branch out in a myriad of ways, booking the puppets airplane tickets and taking the show on the road. Calendar dates are filling up hosting festivals, scheduling international collaborations, drafting a sketch show, producing an EP featuring the show’s theme song, answering countless private & public events inquiries, fielding sponsorship requests and juggling dms from heavyweight djs hype to do guest spots. Where The Boom Bap Kids pop up next to rock it.. you’ll never expect!