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Star Wars The Last Jedi Review *No Spoilers*

The parking lot was over flowing with people walking at great lengths to the movie theater. The sounds of honking cars as light sabers glow in the distance in San Antonio. This past Thursday evening at the Santikos Silverado movie theater, was engaged to over drive as fans were ready to see the newest Star Wars movie.

I journeyed to the movies ready and excited to experience the latest edition of the Star Wars movie franchise. The movie I ventured to see was The Last Jedi, and I was excited to see the results of this movie from Disney. I was able to make it out to a private screening by winning tickets from a contest hosted by GUNN NISSAN of San Antonio.

The Last Jedi was an absolute beast of the movie that conquered your brain by making it connect the dots from the story. The cavern of time as you will see was just was just mesmerizing. The way the movie was created and utilized had lasting effects from beginning to the end. You wanted to know specific things about Rey, specific things from Luke Skywalker and of course the man himself Kylo Ren.

I enjoyed the story from the movie, the way the actors put there full effort in their roles as the characters to the movie. As an older fan of the franchise, just seeing Mark Hamill light up his light saber brought chills to my spine. The story telling of Luke Skywalker brought out something you didn’t realize about his character in the series and showcased him more as an elder than the young hero he was in the previous movies. You FEEL the character of Skywalker throughout the movie and helps bring another view of Luke.

All in all, this movie was very enjoyable and created an extension of the Star Wars story line where you now see a future with the epic series. The drought of story telling is over as this new Star Wars movie brought an open can of enthusiasm to fans around the world.

Let the Force be with you!



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