The hit podcast, Inglorious Treksperts, featuring cast and creatives from across the Star Trek Universe, can now be watched anytime on the free Electric Now streaming app on demand or weekly on the Electric Now streaming channel.
Inglorious Treksperts is part of the Electric Surge Video Podcast Network from Executive Producers, DEAN DEVLIN (Independence Day, The Librarians) and MARK A. ALTMAN (Castle, Pandora).
Hosted by the best-selling author of The Fifty-Year Mission, MARK A. ALTMAN (writer/producer, Free Enterprise) and DAREN DOCHTERMAN (visual effects supervisor, Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition), every week Inglorious Treksperts takes a deep dive into the history of the Star Trek franchise, with special guests like Michael Dorn, Walter Koenig, Nana Visitor, Anson Mount, Bryan Fuller, Alan Dean Foster, Brannon Braga, Nicholas Meyer, David A. Goodman, and many more.
Says Altman, “Not unlike V’ger our mission is clear: learn all that is learnable, know all that is knowable about this beloved franchise and explore Star Trek in a fun and fresh new way with interviews, commentary and analysis that is positive and upbeat and not cynical, but informative.”
Fans of modern Star Trek can enjoy Inglorious Treksperts sister podcast, Disco Nights, featuring co-hosts actress/activist CHASE MASTERSON (Deep Space Nine) and author/journalist RYAN C. BRITT (Phasers On Stun) as they explore the worlds of contemporary Star Trek with special guests.
Also featured on the Electric Surge video podcast network are several other don’t-miss series including Best Movies Never Made, which has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Deadline and Fangoria, and finds hosts JOSH MILLER (screenwriter, Sonic the Hedgehog) and STEPHEN SCARLATA (producer, Jodorowsky’s Dune) exploring the stories behind the films that never made it to the silver screen. Guests have included David Leslie Johnson, Neil Marshall, Josh Olson, Vincenzo Natali, David Bruckner, Todd Farmer, Fred Dekker, and many more. Other popular shows include The 4:30 Movie, an homage to the classic ABC 4:30 Movie, in which a panel of filmmakers and TV showrunners curate fantasy theme weeks of their favorite films, The Rebel & The Rogue where two Star Wars fans dig into the franchise from a galaxy, far, far away; and Two on Who, a Doctor Who podcast.
Fans can stream episodes and thousands of hours of popular film and television series for free including Leverage, The Librarians, and The Outpost by downloading the free Electric Now app today and watch on-demand or on the Electric Now streaming channel available on Stirr, Distro TV, and more. Electric Surge will continue to expand with new and exciting podcasts throughout 2021.
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