Star Realms Mobile

Star Realms (Mobile)

By: John Cano

Reviewed on: IOS


Are you a fan of Star Realms, but you’re always on the go and it’s also hard for you to find a fellow player? Well don’t fret my friends because Star Realms is now available on all your favorite mobile devices. It includes single player campaigns and PvP battles with other hardcore fans or casual players.

Star Realms is a sci-fi card-based deck building tabletop game that was designed by Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle, that started off as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 (which I personally backed up completely). Since 3/8/16 the game has gone digital which can be played through Steam, IOS and android mobile devices.

Being a huge fan of tabletop, I was not at all disappointed with this genius mobile game. What made it awesome was the fact that I thought there would have been a bit of relearning the game all over again, being that your switching formats from physical to digital and I found that it was seamless. Therefore, making it a synch for veteran players of the physical game to pick up and play. New comers who want to give the game a whirl can get a very clear and straightforward introduction to the game’s basics and rules while providing some really nice animated visuals and sound effects.

The game takes place in the distant future where different races compete against one another to try to gain resources, by trading and outmaneuvering each other in a race to become ruler of the galaxy. Here are a few of the different races that you can use to mix and match to find your own unique play style.

  • The Trade Federation: focused on trade and growth. Specializes in generating Trade and in gaining Authority.
  • The Blobs: mysterious alien creatures. Specializes in generating Combat and removing undesirable cards from the trade row.
  • The Star Empire: former colonies of the Trade Federation. Specializes in Combat and drawing new cards and to force opponent to discard cards.
  • The Machine Cult: a cult of technology focused on robotics and computerization. Specializes in removing undesirable cards and defending from opponent’s attacks.

Like the tabletop game the best part (in my opinion) is PvP , because for one, that’s how the game was originally played, against one another. However, if you’re just trying the game out for the first time than I would strongly recommend the campaign until you know how the game is played and you have at least a passing knowledge on what to expect from other players you come across. For us veteran players it is open season on one another in this fast-paced deck building game.

During my play through I did find that each match (PvP and Campaign) lasted for about 12 min, which is quite good, not too long that the game starts to get boring and stale and not to short where you’re just breezing through the game.

The added bonus about the game now being available digitally is the fact that when playing either PvP or campaign mode you get a rather nice electronica style music that’s playing in the background of each game that gives it more of an epic sounding space battle. Also the added laser sound effects every time you attack and the explosions that happen when you deal damage to the enemy or they deal damage to you, is just amazing and fun and adds to the authenticity of the game especially when playing with headphones.

Visual wise the game does give you options to choose a more dynamic background or you can choose what type of graphics you would like to have. However, the other small visual effects that the game presents to you while playing are subtle but yet noticeable (if that makes sense) coupled with the music and sound effects the game literally comes to life right in front of your eyes in card form.

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to White Wizard Games for allowing me to play to review this beautiful and masterful game. The game is free to play on Steam, IOS, and Android, which comes with:
•Universal Application: Play on iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Mini, and Ipad Air.

  • Addictive Deckbuilding Game with Player VS Player Combat.
  • Tutorial teaches you to play in minutes.
  • Stunning visuals.
  • Play VS the AI.
  • 6 mission campaign mode.


However, if your where to buy the full game you do get what is listed above plus:

  • Play the AI on 3 different difficulty settings.
  • 9 additional campaign missions.
  • Battle friends face to face with Pass and Play.
  • Online play with global rankings.
  • Challenge a friend online.

For just 4.99 and like listed above, once you buy the full game you can play it across all your devices without having to rebuy it over again. Whether you’re a veteran player wanting to play on the go or if you’re a novice wanting to dip your toe into the realm of Star Realms, before you commit to buying the Tabletop version, this is something worth giving a try and with expansions already up for purchasing you’re going to be really busy playing what this amazing game has to offer.