Star Hunter DX & Space Moth: Lunar Edition Physical Pre-Order

Stuttgart, Germany – July 8th 2021 – Strictly Limited Games, together with the talented two person team from 1CC and publisher Chorus worldwide – known for the releases of awesome, innovative indie games – are happy to announce the pre-order start of a duo of very cool, challenging old school style Shoot ’em Ups!

Star Hunter DX & Space Moth: Lunar Edition will be available as boxed versions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. A Limited Edition and a Special Limited Edition can be pre-ordered from July 11th, 2021 exclusively at the Strictly Limited Games Shop.

Combining full Shoot ‘Em Up power!

These two games combine a truly outstanding, pixel-art style and a real challenging Bullet Hell experience for newcomers and pros to the genre. Shoot ’em Up fans will get their money’s worth with this July pre-order!

Star Hunter DX

Star Hunter DX is an old school shooter for the modern times. It perfectly combines the gaming experience of classic arcade Shoot ’em Ups with a modern pixel-art style and awesome 80s cartoon character designs. Choose from three different pilots and conquer the cosmos by dodging bullets and using “Bullet Time” to stand up to even the strongest enemy. Fans can look forward to a genre representative with a lot of nice features:

  • Crisp pixel art

  • 3 different pilots (Luna, Edgar, CAT-99) each with an own way of fighting

  • 5 worlds and 6 bosses to master

  • Over 50 unique enemy types

  • Power up your special attack and enter “Bullet Time” to slow down your opponents

  • Challenging like original arcade games

  • But still beginner-friendly thanks to an extensive practice mode

Character select

Space Moth: Lunar Edition

To give fans the ultimate Bullet Hell experience, Space Moth: Lunar Edition is also included in this duo of excellent arcade style Shoot ’em Ups. As Space Moth, the player has to face a variety of giant and angry laser insects in order to escape the Earth and blast away into space.

  • Easy to control

  • Free remap of the setup

  • A superior electronic soundtrack

  • Colorful and bright pixel art

Space Moth: Lunar Edition is the updated Version of 1CC’s vertical arcade shoot ’em up Space Moth DX, which was released for PC back in 2016. The core elements are reworked for a brand new intense gameplay experience – coming for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

Blasting bugs!

Exclusive, physical editions

Pack Shots

The Limited Edition is available for €29.99, limited to 2.000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1.000 copies for PlayStation 4 worldwide.

The Special Limited Edition features:

  • Special Limited Edition Box

  • Star Hunter DX & Space Moth: Lunar Edition for Nintendo Switch or PS4

  • Original Soundtrack

  • Bubblegum Cards

  • Reversible Instruction Poster

  • Pin

Collector's edition

The Special Limited Edition is available for €49.99, limited to 1,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 500 copies for PlayStation 4.

An aluminium art card is also available for €9.99 – limited to 199 copies.

About Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games is a German publisher based near Stuttgart, specialized in releasing a curated selection of digital download-only games in exclusive collectable physical editions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. The company was founded in 2017 by Dennis Mendel, a former scholar for game studies and advisor at Fraunhofer Institute, and Benedict Braitsch. Both passionate collectors with a combined collection of over 7.000 digital and physical games for all console generations, their intention is to form an opposite pole to the current trend of digital-only releases. All collectors’ editions are available exclusively at Strictly Limited Games online store

About 1CC

1CC Games is a small indie game studio from London, England that specialises in creating arcade style games, particularly shoot ’em ups.

They’ve previously worked with Rising Star Games to help localise Japanese bullet hell shooters, and with The Heart of Gaming arcade in London to make bespoke arcade cabinets for some of their titles.

With a number of upcoming projects, and in keeping true to their arcade roots, 1CC Games are branching out into other genres as well as continuing to make their own style shoot ’em ups.

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About Chorus Worldwide

Chorus Worldwide is an indie games publisher, dedicated to finding great games from anywhere and delivering them to gamers everywhere. Founded in 2014 and comprising industry veterans based around the world, Chorus is passionate about finding the most innovative games from developers far and wide. Chorus prides itself on being a genuine partner to developers, holding itself to the highest levels of service and integrity. Visit for more information.