MSRP: 1,199.00

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1:4 scale of the Stalker from Horizon Zero Dawn. In my opinion, was one of the toughest and most unique enemies a medium-sized combat-class machine with a unique ability to stealth. Unlike other machines in the game which are openly aggressive, the Stalker with its ability to blend in with its environment and made it difficult for any player to defeat. The Stalker statue is poised in its striking stance, the Stalker with an adjustable jaw and swappable LED eyes. Its size, shape, and armor have been designed with extreme attention to detail in collaboration with Guerrilla, to create the most accurate video game portrayal of this magnificent beast. The best part is that it can be displayed with the Aloy Shield Weaver Armor Set companion piece to recreate the epic combat engagement from the video game. Find out how you can get 75 dollars off of one of the companion pieces so you can add both of these amazing statues to your collection.

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