Supreme Paladin class arrives in-game and fan-designed celestial “Elysian of Balance – Vyenna” is now a playable character

YOOZOO Games, Shanghai — 03.09.19 | The long-awaited PVP gameplay has arrived, with Legion War: War of the Gods creating new and epic struggles for dominance in Era of Celestials.

The championship has begun in earnest with the Battle at Dawn. At the beginning of each championship, registered legions are sent to a random battlefield where they will stake a claim to go forward in the competition, at the expense of another legion. Rewards are tallied, according to legion and player performance, during the ensuing battle. Legion points accumulated during the championship skirmishes are used to determine if legions are qualified to move forward and take part in the Final Battle.

Championship Schedule
Battle at Dawn: 2019.08.29
Battle at Twilight: 2019.09.05
Battle of Axis Mundi: 2019.09.12
Final Battle: 2019.09.19

Final Battle
A legion’s participation in the final battle depends on how many points they’ve accumulated in their first three battles. After all legions have proven their worth in the first three battles, they are all ranked according to performance; the top four legions go forward to the Final Battle.

Legion War: War of the Gods 
As players take on the Legion War, battling and hitting certain milestones will not only grant players much-cherished Personal Point Rewards, but also see their Legion Points and Legion Contributions topped up too. Above all else though, players will need to recognise that that the ultimate prize here is the honour of their legion.

Mercenary Pooling
Players can add Elysians to their legion’s Mercenary Pool to earn rewards. Elysians added to the pool can still be used as normal in game modes. You can now also fight in the War of the Gods as an Elysian group, players may want to experiment drafting other members’ Elysians from the Mercenary Pool and add them to their own groups.

After creating an Elysian group, you can also begin to attack cities to earn further rewards. You can only attack neighbouring enemy cities. Occupied cities will yield a Legion Contribution at 8PM every day. While occupying certain cities with special resources will unlock the purchase of special resources in the Legion Shop.

New Character: Supreme Paladin

The fourth class of Era of Celestials — Supreme Paladin — is a guardian empowered by the Holy Light. While his left arm swings the exclusive weapon Eternal Holy Gun to enhance attacks, his right arm controls the Immortal Shield to enhance the defence. Thus, he transitions seamlessly between offensive and defensive moves, releasing immense power — making Supreme Paladin a huge asset in battle for any Era of Celestials player.

Join Trials of Light to gain Free Class Change Card! 
Players can now gain trial experience to improve the level, trial experience can be obtained through playing through: Boss Hunt, Sacred Ruins, Fallen Shrine, Sanguine Contest and War Against the Gods. Warriors can gain rare materials such as Genesis Stone and Class Change Card by gaining experience to upgrade the trial level. Furthermore, unlocking Celestial Forging can get extra items!

… And Finally … 
Following the huge participation in the Celestial design contest, which saw AutumnLeaf from CET-S156’s beautiful work selected as the winner, players can now select “Elysian of Balance – Vyenna” in-game. Check out all of these major updates and let us know what you think!


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