Spoiler Talk With Vic The Boys Season 3 Episode 8 Review

The Boys are Fucking Back! Yes they are! The much anticipated show from Prime Video is stirring the pot continually throughout the episode. We start off with a montage of what happened last week and give your brain a refresher! From there, I have to warn you….

Spoiler Alert!!!! Don’t read down below unless you want something spoiled…Cunt! haha!

Season Finale Bay bay! This episode is freaking good man! Here we go: I can’t talk about this scene but all I can say is Homelander is complete again! Next, we see Hughie wiping out blood from his ears and a mark of fear on his face. Butcher is ready for them to find Black Noir so Soldier Boy can finish him off and go after Homelander. A bit of unease on Soldier Boy’s face so I wonder if that will happen… anyways, a scene happens which I can’t talk about again but its awesome!

Next, we see Frenchie and MM talking and finally have the serum to take down Soldier Boy and put him back to sleep. Black Noir returns to Vought building and interrupts a meeting with Homelander, Deep and Ashley. Homelander hugs Black Noir and thanks him for coming  back! Next, Butcher knocks out Hughie and puts him in a restroom. Homelander and Butcher are together heading to New York to find Black Noir. Then, we see A-Train talk with his brother and lets him know he has a new heart. A-Train brother is mad at him and wants him gone from his home. Next, we see Hughie and Starlight talking about what is going and the situation. A person of interest meets up with the Boys that will have you say hmmmm…! Then we see Frenchie and Kimiko talk together and Kimiko literally slaps some sense into him.

Later, Butcher and Soldier Boy sit down and talk while drinking. Soldier Boy lets Butcher know about his abusive his father was and how it lead him to Dr. Vought’s test trials for a super soldier.  Next, a huge situation where Homelander is Homelander in that scene and I can’t say much again! The Boys find Butcher and let him know everything that has been going on and its a doozy!

This scene is rough where Homelander lays it into Deep, A-Train and Ashley! Moreso into Ashley as he makes her take off her wig. All her time of ripping off her hair, she has to wear a wig now from the stress.

Lastly, Butcher and Soldier Boy make it to Vought Tower! This, I will now stop from spoiling! The last 34 minutes of this episode is just pure fucking excellence! The final battle happens here and you won’t believe what happens and you can’t believe the ending! You see the story of The Boys take a right turn in this series! I will say this: FUCKING AMAZING! Be sure to watch the episode today 7pm Central on Prime Video and just be in awe!


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