Spoiler Talk With Vic The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Review

The Boys are Fucking Back! Yes they are! The much anticipated show from Prime Video is stirring the pot continually throughout the episode. We start off with a montage of what happened last week and give your brain a refresher! From there, I have to warn you….

Spoiler Alert!!!! Don’t read down below unless you want something spoiled…Cunt! haha!

Man oh Man! A lot in this episode! We start off with Ashley on the talk show dismissing the claims by Starlight. Oh yes, she is trying to control the narrative! Next, we are with Hughie and The Legend talking about Soldier Boy and who he really is! Some ugly truths come out in this conversation where your like damn! Butcher and Hughie go talk to Soldier Boy but he just finished up with some ladies that have those memories of the good ole days haha! Next, we see Homelander visiting Maeve in her prison and he is mad. He is mad that Butcher has powers and is blaming Maeve on everything. Later, we see Frenchie and Kimiko finding MM and Starlight and they look like shit! Next, we see Hughie, Butcher and Soldier Boy in a forest to find Mindstorm. While they are looking for Mindstorm, we see the origins of Black Noir. I can’t say anything about this but damn, this is heart breaking man!

Butcher, Soldier and Hughie find Mindstorm but it doesn’t go the way they have hoped! Butcher is in trouble and needs help ASAP! Soldier Boy just wants Mindstorm but Hughie is very worried about Butcher. I can’t say much what is going on during this situation but its nuts! This is some Supernatural shit!

The Deep! DAmn the Deep! Can’t say much on this situation but you thought what he did during Herogasm was bad but this scene takes the cake!

I know I know, this episode is majorly papered and can’t reveal much in this review but will say it is great! You start to see Homelander gaining the public’s trust through his tactics at rallies and of course his love of milk.

Speaking of Milk, MM and his wife’s new husband are arguing concerning the husband taking his daughter to a rally for Homelander.

Lastly, Soldier Boy finds out some information that shakes him to the core! I can’t say what it is but ROCKS EVERYTHING TO THE CORE!  ON reddit, many people speculate’s this situation and yes, they are right on that speculation. Good episode this week and sets up for finale next week!


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