Spellbreak Game Review

Spellbreak Review

Reviewed on: Xbox One

By: John Cano

Are you tired of playing the same old run of the mill battle royale games that are all just rinsed and repeat? well, fret not my good friends here comes Spellbreaker, a magic-based battle royal game that is a much welcome change to the battle royal genre.

Spellbreak is a multiplayer action-spellcasting game where you unleash your inner battlemage, master elemental magic to fit your playstyle, and cast powerful spell combinations to dominate other players across the Hollow Lands. Brought to us by Proletariat, Inc. who brought us great games such as StreamLegends, World Zombination, and StreamLine, all with one thing in common “Multiplayer”.

I have to say I’ve played a lot of battle royal games ( PUBG, Fortnite, COD: War Zone) and I have to say when it comes to war games it’s all the same with some slight differences between titles. However, playing Spellbreak was a much-needed change of both pace and scenery trading guns and grenades for elemental spells, and I have to be honest this was the most fun that I had in a while playing a battle royal game.

Touching on the obvious trade-off of firearms for magic it might sound a little meh, but being a huge fan of shooters I can tell you I found this to be the most unique and profound element of the game. Think about it all guns depending on the different classes (LMG, SMG, Shotguns, etc.) are all the same, but the great thing about using magic is the fact that you get to mix and match elemental attacks and get to experiment which elemental combos work best for your playstyle. My personal favorites where Fire/Poison, and Fire /Wind, because making firey clouds of toxic fumes, and flaming tornados is something I’ve yet to see in other games and executed so beautifully but don’t just take my word for it paly around with what best suits you.

In Spellbreak you play as a Breaker, a battlemage tapping into the power of forbidden magic hidden within ancient Gauntlets of various elements. And combat centers around different Classes for each mage, that allows them to master a certain element. There are many synergies between the elements to discover, allowing you to combine and melt them together in unique ways.

As with all BR games you queue as either solo, duo, or squad (3 players). Each game lobby can house a maximum of 42 players. To win the match, you must fight to exile each other while staying out of the Spellstorm until they’re the last ones standing. In solo queue, you will be exiled upon taking lethal damage, ending your match. All equipment plus a random Spirit Scroll you have read will be dropped in the process.

Now in duo & squad queues, upon lethal damage, you disrupt into a wisp instead. disrupted players are immune to damage, but your actions are limited to only slow movement alone. While disrupted you may either be exiled by an opponent or revived by one of your squadmates, following a 5-second channel. Being revived restores you to life with 40 health. If you fail to be revived within 90 seconds, or if your remaining squad is disrupted as well, you will all be exiled.

Now be that this is a game preview it did have its fair share of bugs, some drop in frame rate, a few times my client did just stop responding and just closeout, and from time to time I did experience some latency issues but these problems were spaced far apart and didn’t cause that much of an issue that it would make me stop playing.

Audio-wise the game sounds great from the explosions when you crash land on the ground, and the way each element has its unique sound when attacking making each attack sound brutal and powerful.

Visually, in my opinion, is where the game stands out from the rest. Trading in the plain battle arenas of PUBG, and kind of losing the cartoonish style of Fortnite, and replacing it with a cell-shaded look of the players. However, I think the visually the most unique aspect is when you are diving into the arena you look around at the various floating landmasses and how each of them varies from one another from size to the different structures on each one.

If you find your self stuck in a rut playing the same old BR games and want to change it up a bit then look no further then Spellbreak, the best part is that right now players can experience this amazing game across all platforms (PC, PS4, XB1, and Nintendo Switch) for free. What are you waiting for? get this gem and unlock your inner Battle Mage and wield the power of the elements.

Rating: 8

Spellbreak Xbox One: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/spellbreak-game-preview/9n6l1hxn7044