Spaceteam VR, The Most Cross-Playable, Cooperative Multiplayer game in the Universe!

2nd March 2020, Leeds, UK. When it is launched in spring 2020 Spaceteam VR will be
playable beyond the confines of your VR headset. Immersive technology studio, Cooperative
Innovations, today announced that Spaceteam VR will be one of the most cross-playable
titles on the market to date!

“…not only is the game going to be playable online on up to six headsets across all the
popular manufacturers, but you’ll be able to play locally with people on their smart phones or
tablets as well as multiple VR headsets. Players can take it in turns to experience the VR
version while still co-operating and shouting technobabble at each other!” said CEO and CoFounder Simon Barratt.
Smartphone and tablet cross-play will be available at launch!

There are three great ways you can play Spaceteam VR. Firstly you can choose to play a full
VR multiplayer with up to six players, utilising cross platform play so whether you buy the
game from the Oculus (for Quest or Rift), Steam or other PC stores you will all be playing the
same game. A PlayStation VR version will launch shortly after the initial launch which will
also cross play with the other platforms. Secondly with local play you need at least one VR
headset and then up to five smart devices in the same room. Players in VR headsets will see
the mobile players represented by a robot pressing the controls in their place.
“Also we’re super excited to announce a single player mode which is perfect if you find
yourself without internet connectivity! Two robot AI characters will join you to help you
achieve your Spaceteam mission!” Alex Earle, Community Manager for Spaceteam VR told
us earlier.

Omegathon Final
This announcement comes right after an incredibly successful weekend at PAX East in
Boston where over 500 guests got to grips with the game to great acclaim. Alex Earle said
“This is the first time we’ve shown the game to an American audience and the reception was
so great, people are really hyped to see the game as a VR version. People were walking
past the booth and exclaiming things like ‘Oh wow Spaceteam in VR!’ and one couple told
me ‘This is an instabuy for us!’ which was so great to hear.”
The game also featured on the main stage in the final of the infamous ‘OMEGATHON’ in
front of a large audience and 25.8k viewers on the PAX Twitter account.
Ahead of the launch date announcement you can wishlist it on Steam or actually get to play
the game at SXSW, EGX Rezzed and then Insomnia 66.

Cooperative Innovations is an immersive technology studio, committed to empowering
creators and consumers to share the future of interactive experiences. Founded in 2016, the
company has collaborated with a number of organisations (including Framestore, the BBC
and Phoenix Dance Theatre) to create a variety of immersive experiences and technologies.
Underpinning all these projects is the studio’s licensable technology including Ikabod – a
system allowing VR and AR avatars to accurately reflect the physicality of players in the real
world. The studio has also been developing its own original MMORPG VR game, Raiders of
Erda, and Spaceteam VR.