Southwest Airlines Travel Review

As we were getting ready to leave to New York, this is going to be my first time flying. We chose Southwest Airlines as multiple friends and businesses said that we need to try it out as they enjoy their flights through them. Frank and I decided to try this out and fly to New York round trip for New York Comic Con. Here is our quick review:

Friday morning, Frank and I went to San Antonio airport to leave to Newark, New Jersey for New York. We flew out there that early morning to St. Louis to pick up more people for the flight. The start off and the flight duration was good and fruitful. I enjoyed the complementary snack and drinks and movies of course. Then came the landing! Never in my life felt so bad! I had to get a bag and hurl right in there and was shaken and cold with sweats. I didn’t know that I have motion sickness and that landing was just the worst. The flight attendant gave me some motion sickness pills but on the flight from St. Louis to New Jersey was ok. The landing yet again was horrible! The plane jolted many times as there was hard wind and nearly had a panic attack. After the landing it took me a few minutes to regain composure and leave to our hotel.

Sunday morning, we arrived to Newark and this time I took my motion sickness pills early. We flew to Chicago Midway station and waited for another flight back to San Antonio. The flight was good, no motion sickness nothing! It was amazing, plus I slept through the whole flight so that was a plus. After Chicago, we flew back to San Antonio and yet another top notch flight. No motion sickness, just tired from the flight.

All in all, Southwest was a good airline to use. The flight attendants were quick to help me and identify my needs from the motion sickness. I will fly again Southwest if needed for more business ventures and events.

Thank you to TnT Productions, ATT Southwest, and Westover Hills Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for sponsoring our trip.

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  1. We fly Southwest! It has reasonable prices and goes to a lot of different places!! Plus it has Southwest Rapids Rewards program! It’s a win – win 😍

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