Southshore Fine Linens California King Comforter Set Review

Today, I received in the mail a comforter set that should bring me some comfort in bed. I will be reviewing this comforter set and giving my honest opinions of it. 

Southshore Fine Linens – Winter Brush Print – Reversible Duvet Cover Sets, 3 Piece Set, King / California King, Steel Grey

When the box was opened and revealed the new comforter set, I was set back on how soft it felt against my finger tips. I grabbed and pulled it out of the box and started to smell it. Yes, I did do that. I wanted to give feeling that was grasping my curiosity and senses a smell so I can remember it. I liked the stitching on comforter showing some cool details on there. I used my Instagram app to show a mirroring effect on the above picture. The picture of the image looks really cool side by side.


. I took the shams and put them on my two adult pillows. They slipped in easily and held my pillow in a soft manner. I put the comforter over the bed and made sure it easily fitted my king size bed. Then I added both pillows onto the bed to complete the process. The bed set looked very amazing and made my bed look hotel ready. I felt I might be on vacation at a local 5 star hotel as I viewed how my bed had transformed.


What did I do next? I did what any rational human being would do and jump onto the bed to feel the comfort from it. As you can see from the image above, this is an picture of the bed after I laid down. The comforter felt soft and comfy while I rolled around on my bed. The comforter felt good, my pillow shams felt comfy and I would think I can enjoy myself sleeping in this bed with them both. I’m very picky on this sort as I do get hot in my bed while laying down but the comforter and pillow shams were cool. The comforter adjusted to the room temperature and felt very cool and comfortable.

I would say you all should definitely get this comforter set and enjoy the relaxing of life. This will help you forget the stress of the day and engulf you with easiness of happiness.