Soska Twins May’s artist of the month

May’s artist of the month is the talented duo Jen and Sylvia Soska. The Soska  Identical twins are two rising stars of the film industry.  They are not only directors also writers as well as actresses. Dead Hooker in a Trunk was their directing debut but would be known for American Mary. I first learned of the Twisted Twins after watching American Mary. The cult following American Mary has as well as the Twisted Twins is huge.

They have many projects under there belts both as directors and actresses. Not only in film but as was well in television. Hellevator a horror-themed game show which ran on the GSN network.  Jen and Sylvia are also known for there charity work. WiH Massive Blood Drive PSA which we had the honor of sharing this year short’s on this website. Huge advocates of women’s rights they are leading the way in the film industry.

I had the honor of meeting the Twisted Twins last year here in San Antonio, Texas at Rockula. I was able to speak with them before the show started they were walking around the show floor checking out all the horror-themed wares. They were so down to earth and sweet you could tell they were fans of horror like me and took the time to talk with no hesitation. They showed there love for there fans and horror and you could tell it was genuine. If these ladies come anywhere close to you at a horror con be sure to meet them.

They are gearing up for there next project the remake of David Cronenberg (1977) classic Rabid. I am excited to see this film I know it’s in very good hand. Keep an eye out for updates on Rabid.