Sorcerer Endbringer is LIVE NOW on Kickstarter! Cooperative & Solo Play!

Are you ready to fight these crazed demigods?

Sorcerer Endbringer is LIVE on Kickstarter NOW!

This Kickstarter features the Sorcerer Endbringer expansion for solo and cooperative play and six all-new Sorcerer packs!

Plus, great deals for new Sorcerer players! 

Sorcerer is a beautifully crafted Victorian era dark fantasy game where players take on the role of evil sorcerers battling for control of the mortal realm. At the start of the game, each player creates a unique sorcerer by combining a Character Deck (which shows who you are) with a Lineage Deck (which represents the style of magic you inherited), and a Domain Deck (which reveal where you honed your magical powers). Shuffle those cards together to form your Grimoire, which contains your dark magic and evil minions and you are ready to play! Summon horrific minions to different battlefields, and do battle using custom skull dice. Solo and cooperative play have been part of the vision of Sorcerer from the beginning, and we are thrilled to launch these new expansions today!

We did the math today, and with Endbringer’s 64 Nemesis combos and the 6 new expansion packs, Sorcerer offers a crazy amount of replayability: over 500,000 PVP matchups, over 55,000 solo matchups, and millions of possible cooperative matchups! Can’t wait to get this into your hands.