SOMOS is a passion project from former Ubisoft developer Alexis Lessard (Watch Dogs, Transference)
and songwriter / sound designer Jacob Leaney (We Happy Few). Designed from the ground up to offer a
polished and fluid experience on both PC and mobile platforms, SOMOS delivers a truly unique gameplay
loop that will please both casual and advanced players alike.

The core of the game relies on the numerous clever challenges that players will have to accomplish, with
each of them twisting the rules of the game to constantly keep the experience fresh and interesting.
Completing these challenges will reward players with new vibrant colour palettes for them to explore and
enjoy, in both the very competitive Endless Mode, and the more casual Relaxation Mode.



Official Game Release: Thursday, November 8, 2018 (10AM Eastern Time, GMT-5)
Release Platforms: PC (Steam, Android (Google Play Store), IOS (Apple Store)
Check the Trailer : Youtube

Key Features:
● Procedural and fast-paced action gameplay
● Over 30 unique rule-bending challenges and boss fights
● Multiple game modes suited for casual and advanced players, including an endless challenge
● Over 30 colour palettes to customize the game’s appearance
● Beautiful and unique abstract visuals

Awards and Recognition:
● 2017 Winner of the MIGF “Best Mobile Game” Award