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Smoke and Sacrifice Review

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All I can say is wow, I have never seen an amazing and colorful open-world role-playing game like this before. The story line is very interesting and game play is really fun especially out of this world. You play as a character named Sachi, the introduction of the game play leads the player to explore the open land in order to sacrifice her firstborn child to the Sun Tree which controls balance of their world due to vegetation and habitat. Distraught to this wicked nature she goes on an otherworldly adventure to discover the dark secret underworld which is plagued with smoke, ice, and creatures. Even the odds while collecting items to upgrade weapons, collecting keys to unlock treasure chests, battle beasts every step of the way and bring peace and balance within worlds. Progress further to discover the truth of what really happened to Sachi’s firstborn child. I would definitely recommend this game for all ages to play. I enjoyed it and you will too. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


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