Smit and Company Top Secret Journal Set Review

Smit and Company has a product that kids will want to use and enjoy. This product is a fixture with 3rd or 4th graders but I know a younger brother or sister would love to participate and try it out as well. The product is called Top Secret Journal Set and features some cool items for your kiddos. This set features a journal, stickers, pen and a LED Lamp. My family and I sat down and we decided to see what’s inside of the product and try it out. What came from our family time was enormous fun and a good learning experience.


Here is our review of the Top Secret Journal Set:


  • Emoji Stickers
    • Who can’t get enough of emoji stickers? You can stick them anywhere throughout the journal and features some of our favorite expressions. You will have 30 stickers to choose from which is more than enough for the kiddos!
  • LED Book Light
    • This has to be the coolest item here in the set! This set comes with a LED Book Light that is small enough to slip into the pages of the journal. I know at night, my kiddos enjoyed using the journal when it was the darkest. They felt the 3D images on the journal stuck out even more with the shine of the light.
  • 2 in 1 Screen Message Pen
    • The pen is my daughter’s favorite part of being very secretive set. Your able to use the pen on the paper and at first your not able to see the ink. Then you flip the switch on the pen and get the black light going to see what the message is! Yes…this is all in that 2 in 1 Message Pen! Are you KIDDING ME! Very cool!


  • Tough to Open
    • I was opening the package where the plastic meets the tape which was quite tough to remove. I usually use a knife to slice through the tape but this time I used my hand strength. It took a bit of my strength to pull that tape off.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

All in all, this is a fun and creative set for the whole family! You would want to jump in there with the kiddos to write your own secret message to them so they can see it. The pen is fantastic, the LED lamp is very cool and of course those Emoji stickers! Who doesn’t like those?! The package was a bit tough to open, so parents you will need to help the kids open this item.

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