Smash Ball Review

This is definitely a game that you will just loss yourself in as just a couple of mins of playing. This game is more a futuristic version of volleyball with a twist of mechs and items that you can use to distract your opponent so that way you can score a goal.  

There is plenty to check out in the game itself. It does have a straight forward campaign, practice mode, and even online multiplayer to play with your friends or against someone random. You also are able to upgrade your characters buy leveling up and gaining different mech parts, such as arms and legs that give you mobility boosts or health boosts.  

I like how easy the controls are easy to learn and pick up. Anyone can learn how to play. I even let me daughter play a little bit and I almost couldn’t get her off of it. For me the music is a little bland but does fit nicely together but the coloring to the game is nice and bright with a little bit of dark and bright neon colors.  

As a whole this game is all around fun and addictive to play. It’s fast pace at times but can be very competitive. The AI to the campaign could be a little bit more difficult. I felt like the AI in practice mode was giving me more of a challenge. Smash Ball feels like if Transformers were to have a sport, they would be playing this. This game has a lot of potential for all ages and I recommend you to give it a try if given the chance.  


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