Slipstream Xbox One / Series S Review

Slipstream is a racing game where you try to be number 1 and beat your opponent. Your opponent can range from a scientist to a stock broker who try to keep you in their dust. I made sure they ate my dust instead when I’m racing hard against my opponents. Slipstream is a retro racing game where you feel like your at the arcade racing with your buddies. I enjoyed the retro gaming art in each levels, the 80’s dialogue against my opponents, and the fun factor. I had so much fun racing against others in this game!

I was able to review this game on my Xbox Series S console at my home. I know this game is built more for Xbox One which I did play on as well. I didn’t notice no differences when played with either Xbox One or Series S but did have fun on both consoles. I kept this review for Xbox Series S as I played more of the game on that console and enjoyed it big time.

Here is the review:


  • Retro Graphics
    • The graphics were very retro in this game! Each level had something unique in a retro way such as valleys, towns, cities and much more! I felt like I was at the arcade trying to win the race against a friend or two. The graphics provided those memories for me to continue to have fun and excel at the game.
  • Fast Racing
    • The game goes very fast! I mean very fast! Well not totally the game, but the vehicles themselves. Once I got myself on a groove, each level felt like a blur trying to control my vehicle and not crash. I was able to beat my opponent a few times but there were times they got away. I tried not to read what they were saying as comments cause that distracted me big time, but this also provided a story line against them.
  • Rewind
    • My favorite piece in this game! I’m able to prevent a crash or when crashing rewind myself so I wouldn’t endure too much of a loss of speed and place in the game. I used this quite a lot while playing lol, I may not be a Jeff Gordon when I’m racing but I did enjoy this aspect for the game.



Rating: 8 out of 10

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