Slime San And Sheeples Sequel Game Reviews

Slime-San and Sheeple’s Sequel both define the top of the genre pool. I honestly assumed it would be just another Super Meat Boy clone but when I started the game I was greeted with an 8-bit retro nostalgic chiptune background music and graphics. The music has that classic vibe that will probably stay in your head after you take a break from the game. I did notice a lot of retro video game references and video game developer inside jokes during gameplay. To be honest, this has to be one the best 2D fast paced game I have ever played.

What makes the game completely different is how it stands out. There is power-ups to collect, obstacles to avoid, all in an extremely fast pace eye twitching madness. The main character has special abilities such as teleporting through transparent walls, slow down time, and air dash to break through walls. There is plenty of fun in-game activities to do such as purchasing outfits, shaders, arcade games, play style, in-game art, etc. This game is timer and score oriented which makes the game extremely competitive to online players scoreboards.

I did notice as well the visual features in-game such as a color blindness mode and reducing eye strain which is a very big plus. The game is Twitch friendly for the hardcore gamers who chat and stream in the background as well. Sheeple’s Sequel steps it up with remixed levels including extra features, mini-games, modes, color hue slider, art-gallery which greats you with such heavenly music by The Four Seasons, Op. 8, “Spring”: Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi.

Both games have extra modes such as speed running and boss rush modes but Sheeple’s Sequel has very unique play styles, new modes, and levels. I give props to the game developer, Fabraz and publisher, Headup Games for the interesting, challenging and weird elements and awesome storyline.

Game Review was done by Drop The Spotlight Gaming Team Member Josh C.