Skystone Games and Coffeenauts Premiere ‘Spacelines from the Far Out’ at Tokyo Game Show

The game formerly known as Spaceline Crew is invading TGS this weekend
San Francisco – September 24, 2020 | Skystone Games and Coffeenauts are excited to announce that Spaceline Crew has officially changed its name to Spacelines from the Far Out. This plucky space adventure taps into classic sci-fi as players manage an interstellar travel company helping aliens as they jet around the galaxy. Traveling through space is dangerous, keeping your passengers happy is a whole other matter!

Spacelines from the Far Out | TGS Trailer

Spacelines from the Far Out will premiere at the Tokyo Game Show going on now through  September 27th with an online show to cross the globe. As part of the show fans can tune in and get a preview of the game before it launches in 2021.

“Skystone Games is very excited to be part of the Tokyo Game Show for 2020. It is a time honored event in the industry, even if it has to be moved online. We could not be happier partnering with Coffeenauts for Spacelines from the Far Out. The game brings some sci-fi charm to the co-op genre which friends will enjoy all around the world.” – Bill Wang, CEO Skystone Games.

Coffeenauts’ Spacelines from the Far Out will be published by Skystone and is slated for launch on PC and Xbox in 2021. You can learn more about the title and wishlist it on the official Steam Page.

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