Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes is full of new features!

New Update Adds New Arena Mode and New Battle System

Seoul, South Korea, January 11, 2021  –  Skylanders Ring of Heroes  is making good resolutions for the new year: the turn-based team mobile role-playing game has a new game mode, special events and a new seasonal arena, the “Celestial Tower”. All these new features are available for free in the latest update of  Skylanders Ring of Heroes , the RPG from  Com2uS  and  Activision  that was redesigned and revamped last November. 

The new “Celestial Tower” offers different battle situations inviting players to form up to three different battle decks depending on their level. The same character cannot be used in two different teams, which prompts players to explore the strategic dimension of the game as much as possible in building their teams, and to optimize their combat tactics. Up to two characters can now be added and swapped during combat, greatly enriching the diversity of game strategies. It is also necessary to better gauge the abilities of your opponents and embrace the multiplicity of possible game scenarios to hope climb the tower to the top!

The Sky Tower operates seasonally and rewards players with in-game currency, needed to upgrade their Skylanders. The rewards are given out at the end of each season, based on player achievements. Two events, limited in time, are now available on  Skylanders Ring of Heroes  :

  • Premium Summon Ticket (until January 24)
    • The event allows you to summon a high-ranking Skylander every day in the form of a Premium Summon Ticket.
  • Mission event (until January 17)
    • The rewards include, depending on the number of entries in the Celestial Tower, various items such as Celestial Tower coins, Evolution Shards and Awakening Stones. 

Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes is a mobile role-playing game developed by Com2uS which is based on Activision’s famous Skylanders ™  license . Players must collect and upgrade a multitude of Skylanders with specific characteristics to challenge their opponents in fierce strategic battles, making good use of the many awesome powers at their disposal.

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