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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Sky Racket is a game that mixes two classic genres from the arcade era, Shoot’em up and Block Breaker. In a world where you are unable to attack, using your racket and positioning to return bullets is your only option! Don’t be fooled by how cute your enemies look! You will have to strike and dodge several projectiles during the game. Your agility and focus will be vital for your journey!


  • Enjoy smooth animations in stylish pixel art!
  • Fight epic bosses in a chaotic arena!
  • Travel by 5 amazing worlds with impressive and vivid backgrounds!
  • Explore 14 hand crafted levels with over 50 challenges to test your skills!
  • Struggle with just a pinch of Bullet Hell
  • Listen to a totally original and captivating soundtrack.
  • Have fun with charismatic and powerful Buddies!
  • Unlock an exclusive game mode for those who enjoy Arcade games!

Along with the mix of genres, in each world you pass, new mechanics will be there to challenge you, through unexpected battles with the most diverse bosses and mini-bosses around. For those who enjoy retro games, we prepared a special tennis battle with tons of nostalgia included, a direct tribute to the beggining of the digital games universe.

In a far away galaxy, Santana, The Capybara Goddess, creator of all worlds, lived peacefully enjoying her existence. Until one day, Korrg, The Terrible Tyrant, manages to put his claws on Santana and imprison her, stealing her power for himself! As her last effort, Santana created the SKY RACKETS! Powerful artifacts capable of using one’s enemy strenght against them…The artifacts are sent into the hand of two kids: RacketBoy and RackeGirl!
They are the last hope of stopping Korrg and saving the galaxy!

Are you ready for this adventure?


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About Double Dash Studios:
Double Dash Studios is an indie game studio located in Rio de Janeiro. Our goal is to create pop culture products, “making fun and innovative games through the reinvention of classic mechanics”. We work with our original IP’s as well as provide service to third-parties. We have plenty of experience working for known IPs (such as a few Cartoon Network shows and Garfield) as well as our own original games, such as Sky Racket, our first commercial release.