Skullcandy Jib+ Active Wireless Headphones

I purchased these headphones about a month ago and I can honestly say I love them. I have always been a Skullcandy fan. Their products are, for the most part, so well made and they will not break the bank. You pay for what you get. 



These headphones start at about a $30 range and I have to say you a get a bunch of little add-ons when you open the package. A quick list of the things that come with the package: 

+The wireless over the neck headphones 

+A cable Secure clip 

+Micro-USB Charging Cable 

+Extra set of Ear Gels 

+Small Carrying Pouch  

The headphones are obviously Bluetooth with at least an 8hr battery life but if you are a heavy user than I would say about 6 hrs max. They are IPX4 Water Resistant if you are someone who likes to going to a gym or maybe get caught in the rain. 


What they do not tell you is that they charge crazy fast. I use these for work every day and there are times that I run out of juice. Well no need to fear these headphones will charge up to 80% in about 30 minutes. The only problem that I had with the headphones themselves that the audio quality on phone calls are not the greatest. I felt like I had to walk into a somewhat quiet area just to talk on the phone. But everything else is just positive.  

If you are looking to find these headphones, links will be down below that way you can order yours today! These headphones are DeltronZ approved.  

Skullcandy Website: