Skull Candy Indy Wireless Headphones

I love buying all types of different types of headphones from your Traditional type, over the ear, wireless, Bluetooth, etc. There is one type of headphone I have not been able to try out yet and that are the TRULY WIRELESS headphones that are going around. Apple, Samsung, Bose, all have their own set of truly wireless but I have always been a person that likes to find brands that stand out. That has unique designs on their products. And one company that I have always gone with throughout my years of growing up were Skull Candy. 


When I first opened the package, I was greeted with this neatly packaged product. They come in in 7 different matte finishes. I went with the matte black. The reason why I bought this product was because of its feature.  

  • IP55 Sweat, water, and dust resistant 
  • Up to 16 hrs of Battery Life 
  • Touch Controls, for calls and audio 
  • Noise Reduction for Calls 
  • Bluetooth  

I have always trusted Skull Candy with their products especially with their headphones considering I always listening to something. Music, Podcasts, Twitch, etc. I have always been someone who uses headphones on a daily. The sound on the Indy is clear for calls and for music has a good low end If you’re a person who loves bass. I will say on the comfort side of the Indy, they have to be the best feeling headphones I have had in a long time. 

The battery life has been amazing throughout my day. I usually am wearing headphones while I am working and rarely have to charge them throughout the day. If I takes breaks or go on lunch, I just let them charge in the case and it is at 100% by the times I get back. When I first took the headphones to the gym, I had no issues with them coming out of my ears. They do not cancel out the noise in the background but it was loud enough to muffle the noise.  

Now I did have a couple of nitpicky problems while testing them out. The hinge on the case does not have a strong enough Magnet to keep the case closed. There were several times that my case opened up and I would find an earpiece would be loose in my pocket. I also have a Bluetooth issue that just bothers me at times. Whenever I am around a lot of electronics, I tend to lose connectivity to the headphones. This happens in the most unexpected places I travel or go too.  

As a whole these headphones are amazing for so many reasons. If you are looking for a good quality, great sounding headphones, I recommend you purchasing Skull Candy: Indy. I still wear them as my daily headphones and I would not go back to my previous headphones. If you are looking for all the different colors, they will be available on the links down below.  


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