Skul: The Hero Slayer Steam Review

The human race has finally captured all the demons including the Demon King! Everyone has been captured except for one little skeleton named Skul! He is tasked on reclaiming the demons, witches, and the Demon King himself before the Hero of Caerleon finishes them all off. Skul travels through various levels destroying these oppositions while also freeing the demons and witches. The task is a huge one for Skul but is he up for the challenge?

I had so much fun playing Skul: The Hero Slayer on my laptop! I was just astonished on the fun factor the game as I felt like I was playing something created in 1998. The game has a big retro feel but the story of the game is just so creative. You go through various levels to free the demons, witches and more while using different skulls to utilize those skills. I had a fantastic time playing this game as it reignited the kid in me while becoming the unlikely hero.


Here is the review:


  • Different Skulls to Wear
    • I was shocked on how cool this feature is in the game. You can switch out your skull with another skull and become a totally different hero! I enjoyed trying out various skulls in the game which that new feature had helped me beat that level. I enjoyed using the minotaur skull as its pretty damn cool!
  • Solid Combat
    • I liked how fun it was to fight throughout the game. You can use various combos to destroy the opposition in front of you. The game is pretty fast paced so this made easier for myself to enjoy the side scrolling action.
  • Colorful Backgrounds
    • I’m a huge fan of retro gaming so seeing some of these backgrounds had my arms shaking. I enjoyed seeing the visual effects look nice on my laptop where it didn’t have to strain the eye. I liked the creativity the artists put into these designs and amped up the imagination of the game.



  • Return to the Beginning when died
    • Yeah the only con for me in this game is that when I die, I return to the beginning of the chapter. I was hoping for a checkpoint to hold myself over at the many times that I have died. I didn’t like that since I would have to do the whole level again before getting to a boss. I was hoping to be closer as ever to the boss throughout the levels but its all good.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

All in all, a fun game that you can sit down and just relax with. You are that unlikely hero that has to save the day from these enemies that look like behemoths. Your stretched thin but you can use your strengths and various skulls to defeat the opposition and save everyone. I enjoyed the solid combat this game used as well as the colorful backgrounds. I didn’t like having to restart the level whenever I died, cause granted, I died a lot, but its all good. You would have to change your strategy and figured out ways to conquer that level and chapter. Skul: The Hero Slayer is a game that is fun and laid back as you traverse as being that unlikely hero to all.

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