SIYAH Steadfast Music Review

A good musical notes that fly through space and hit into the dark side of the moon. The sounds from SIYAH escapes the mouths of many and ears of thousands as they nod their head in anticipation. The lyrics showcase the stories of SIYAH and invites the listener to an array of channels of enticement.

SIYAH is a lyricist and Hip-Hop artist whose aim is to promote positivity in his message, honesty in his storytelling and originality in his composition. Originally from Oakland, SIYAH spent summers in Los Angeles until his permanent move to the Carolinas. He currently dwells along the eastern seaboard in Asheville, North Carolina where he’s taken to the craft of songwriting and performing at a local level.

SIYAH latest EP is Steadfast and I’m digging the musical outburst from his EP. The beats used on the songs are just emulating from a different dimension of youth. I’m enjoying the beats that have created a balance of music with his lyrics. The lyrics are smooth and enjoyable and bring a taste of artistic figures to life. The lyrics tell the stories that SIYAH wants to the world to know.  I am enjoying the songs: Iron Sharpens Iron, Steadfast, and Line in the Sand. I have those songs on repeat and just enjoying the excelling aspect of the musical epiphany from SIYAH.


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